You need the FRX23.6 belt which is .185 wide. One, Rare Model, Made in Japan, Fully Manual, 2-speed, Belt Drive, Pioneer Turntable, Model PL-12D, Looks Excellent, Works Excellent. Very Happy. Measured, ordered, and was back up and running in minutes. Pioneer belt drive hi-fi turntable. Thanks! My Fisher MT-35 turntable had been out of commission for more than five years. Now I'm listening to my vinyl again! I've cleaned the pulley, oiled it (in the provided hole), cleaned the platter and belt, but no change. Works like a dream will be using this site again. My best recommendations. Posted Wed, 01/27/2010 - 15:49 by Ingo Dietzold. Wonderful experience! The original belt on my turntable "disappeared," or at least I forgot when it broke. From the point of finding, ordering, receiving, and installing, the whole process was seemless, love it. It required constant vigil over the strobe speed adapater. A+. Supplies all your electronic needs. Thanks for fast, low cost service. MCM and others sell a belt which they say is for the Pioneer-it is also 23.6 but it is .250 wide. Now it's working again thanks to The Shure protractor and GeoDisc use Baerwald alignment so you'll need to push the cartridge well forward in the headshell and twist the cartridge in the headshell to align to them. A small, but important item, necessary for our turntable. I purchased a Pioneer PL12D TT on ebay about 18 years ago. Hi, So rubbery! A perfect fit. So nice to have their "one stop shopping" The belt, made of a durable polyurethane, resists temperature changes as well as ageing remarkably well. Posted Sun, 06/13/2010 - 20:02 by bigbadwolf. Once again your company comes thru with flying colors. £4.45 + P&P . Posted Mon, 10/25/2010 - 11:25 by lemack-j. Fits perfectly, has worked just fine so far with no problems. Shipping was very quick I will recommend this site to every one. It largely depends on the environment in which they are placed! Thanks to all of the staff at Turntable Needles. Nevertheless I ordered the belt and it does indeed seem to be correct. Works great! I have purchased 3 or 4 items from your company over the last few years. Thank You! A tested & proven drive belt for the Pioneer PL-12 series turntables that I have been using since 1974 as a replacement drive belt. Description The PL-12D motor drives the platter not via a system of trouble prone idlers but via the tried and true Pioneer belt transmission, shutting out motor vibrations and rumble while improving the overall signal to noise ratio. Excellent product, worked like a charm. Headshell connections for Pioneer PL 12 turntable. I placed the order online on a Sunday and the belt was delivered on Wednesday...fantastic! I used to have a pioneer PL12D , not a bad deck but I didnt like the auto rotate when you moved the arm over the record. Was very easy to change the belt thanks to the video link on ur website. Spinning vinyl again and plays at correct speed, so belt is a precise fit. What can I say? The belt, made of a durable polyurethane, resists temperature changes as well as ageing remarkably well. We are very happy. This is the most professional company I have ever dealt with! I recieved the belt I ordered in about 3 days. I will go back to buying off shore longer shipping time but no duty and same quality. Five minutes tops. Reproduction without prior permission or for financial gain is strictly prohibited. My original order came with only one belt (I ordered two). point b and it's a little bit off with point a. Hi, Steve even followed up via email on Christmas Day which was a surprise. Arrived promptly, fit perfectly, easy to install. The sansui probably still sounds quite good today ,a good bargain for about £40 if you can find one Last week I was lucky enough to get a Pioneer PL-12D turntable from freecycle. Got the old records out. It arrived promptly and I easily installed it using a video online. It inspired confidence that I would either get the right part or the company would help me get it. All of the additional info on the website was so helpful especially with regard to stylus, cartridge, pressure, etc. I would recommend this company. It used a high-speed, high-torque synchronous motor running at 1800 rpm, in the same range as the AC induction motors in the Lenco idler-drives, Garrard 301/401 and Thorens TD-124. I replaced it with a belt from here and it is working great. We will definately keep you in mind for future needs. Whenever a turntable problem comes into my shop I only go one place. Belt for 40 yr old Rotel turntable was easy to identify on website, reasonably priced, arrived on time and fit perfectly. This is the place to buy, to ensure proper fit. The old belt was a little thicker and that makes a difference. Support us, thee site that originally brought this tedious data to the web so you can get spinning again rather than others that copy our hard work.PIONEER PL-120 turntable platter beltPIONEER PL-12A turntable platter beltPIONEER PL-12D turntable platter beltPIONEER PL-12DII turntable platter beltPIONEER PL-12E turntable platter beltPIONEER PL-12PV turntable platter beltPIONEER PL-15 turntable platter beltPIONEER PL-15C turntable platter beltPIONEER PL-15D turntable platter beltPIONEER PL-15C turntable platter beltPIONEER PL-15DII turntable platter beltPIONEER PL-15DIII turntable platter beltPIONEER PL-16 turntable platter beltPIONEER PL-2 turntable platter beltPIONEER PL-220 turntable platter beltPIONEER PL-230 turntable platter beltPIONEER PL-33 turntable platter beltPIONEER PL-45D turntable platter beltPIONEER PL-510 turntable platter beltPIONEER PL-512 turntable platter beltPIONEER PL-514 turntable platter beltPIONEER PL-514X turntable platter beltPIONEER PL-514XD turntable platter beltPIONEER PL-61 turntable platter beltPIONEER PL-990 turntable platter beltPIONEER PL-A25 turntable platter beltPIONEER PL-A26 turntable platter beltPIONEER PL-A35 turntable platter beltPIONEER PL-A45 turntable platter beltPIONEER PL-A450 turntable platter beltPIONEER PL-A45D turntable platter beltPIONEER PL-X100 turntable platter beltPIONEER PL-X21Z turntable platter beltPIONEER SX-8400 turntable platter beltPROJECT 1 Project 1 turntable platter beltQUASAR CS-9 turntable platter beltQUASAR CL-7014 turntable platter beltQUASAR CL-8212 turntable platter beltQUASAR CS-7600 turntable platter beltRADIO SHACK REALISTIC LAB-250 turntable platter beltRADIO SHACK REALISTIC R-8010 turntable platter beltRADIO SHACK REALISTIC LAB-1500 turntable platter beltRADIO SHACK REALISTIC LAB-340 turntable platter beltROTEL RP-850 turntable platter beltROTEL RP-2400 turntable platter beltSAMPO SA-1919 turntable platter beltSAMPO SA-3030 turntable platter beltSANSUI FR-3060 turntable platter beltSANSUI SR-2020/BC turntable platter beltSANSUI SR-3030/BC turntable platter beltSANSUI 4050C turntable platter beltSANSUI SR-3060 turntable platter beltSANSUI SR-4040 turntable platter beltSANSUI SR-4050 turntable platter beltSANSUI SR-4060 turntable platter beltSCOTT PS-91 turntable platter beltSHERWOOD PD-502 turntable platter beltSHERWOOD PD-913R turntable platter beltSHURE XA-121270 turntable platter beltSHURE XA-121140 turntable platter beltSONY AV-1700 turntable platter beltSONY EX-1K turntable platter beltSONY EX-1M turntable platter beltSONY EX-2K turntable platter beltSONY HMK-313 turntable platter beltSONY P-5550 turntable platter beltSONY PS-1000 turntable platter beltSONY PS-1010 turntable platter beltSONY PS-1450 turntable platter beltSONY PS-1700 turntable platter beltSONY PS-1800 turntable platter beltSONY PS-2350 turntable platter beltSONY PS-2700 turntable platter beltSONY PS-5100 turntable platter belt Our ©opyrighted data contains proprietary, embedded data patterns. align on both points? I definitely recommend them! Did you take the end weight out? The product was on my doorstep two days after I ordered it....Excellent company and I will definitely use them again :), My Technics turntable is back working again thanks to the easy to navigate website and prompt shipping of my repair part by Turntable Needles .Com. Support us, thee site that originally brought this tedious data to the web so you can get spinning again rather than others that copy our hard work.SONY PS-5520 turntable platter beltSONY PS-LX285 turntable platter beltSONY TTS-3000 turntable platter beltSONY PS-LX110 turntable platter beltSONY PS-LX150H turntable platter beltTAMURA C-450 turntable platter beltTAMURA C-730 turntable platter beltTEKNIKA RP-100 turntable platter beltTEKNIKA RP-230 turntable platter beltTOSHIBA SR-F451 turntable platter beltTOSHIBA SR-F450 turntable platter beltTOSHIBA SR-250 turntable platter belt. The Drive Belt was required to replace the original, that had decomposed with age. Does what it has to do. Quality product, reasonable price. Thanks! Posted Sun, 02/15/2009 - 18:45 by beanwong. the belt works on my JVC turntable just as expected. turntableneedles has one of the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE Depts on the internet. Ordered this for a JVC ALX3 turntable that I hadn't played for some time. Delivery was on-time, and communication was great. Well belt fits perfectly and works just as good. Easy to install, cleaner wipe included was helpful. Then the belt fit perfectly and I was able to enjoy my Christmas music. Flat Belt (Medium 23.6 inch) for Technics SLBD-22 Turntable. The belt work well with our system, after we figured out how to install it. Fast shipping! The turntable is working great, as well as it ever did. Hi Everyone, It fit just as advertized. Excellent service!! The main issue was the rubber drive belt had turned into a messy goop. Perfect fit! I will be a repeat customer. Belt fits perfectly. It took almost 2 weeks to receive the product (PayPal transfer issues, no fault of but the belt fit and worked perfectly. any idea on how much that thing weighed? Belt arrived in a very timely manner (ordered on a Saturday night, arrived on that following Tuesday). Do you still have the wires attached to the headshell? These are brand new stock belts made to the OEM specs. I'm very satisfied. Parts were scarce in 90's. Belt seems great though! Replacement belt worked fine. where can i buy/order this FRX 23.6 - belt? I needed a replacement belt for my Pioneer turntable. Check out the deal on Pioneer PL-112D PL 112D PL112D turntable belt replacement at LP Gear Very pleased with service, delivery and product. High quality item, fair price and rapid delivery with sound product advise from sales person. Belt worked great, easy to install, clear and precise directions. Dave Maxwell. great fit, good price, fast shipping, recommended, This site is a SUPREME resource for those interested in eliminating the massive hassle and headache of finding replacement parts for their machines. Thumbs up! If there is a spot for a grounding cable make sure that it is connected. Taking care to remove the remains of the old belt, this replacement was a perfect fit, easy to pull around the … It was easy to install and works perfectly. The Shure protractor and the Geodisc use Baerwald points which give the lowest peak error across the playing surface of an average 12" record. Get the FRX23.6 and the speed should be fine. Received my turntable belt quickly, product matched perfectly, and was easy to install even though I had never replaced one. the belt worked out perfectly. The turntable never sounded better. Turntable belts can last anywhere from a couple years to a couple decades! Completely satisfied with my purchase. After several Amazon buys of the "same" product that was actually not the right size, I received this belt from and actually received the "RIGHT" part that has since been working awesome. I have no idea how long it will last. Great service and prices. It took a couple of hours to clean all the surfaces. I am the original and only owner. So happy listening to our vinyl again Perfect fit; fast shipping I would recommend this site to anyone. Excellent service as usual from turntableneedles and quick delivery. Great price, arrived way sooner than expected, works great. Pioneer PL-12D PL-12E PL-12PV Replacement Rubber Turntable Drive Belt Band PL12. Thanks. Thanks again! Good support offered.Ordered something from U.K that took 3 weeks to arrive.Highly recomend this company. Previously, records were playing at variable speeds due to the issues with the aging belt. point. I got a new needle too all at EXCELLENT prices shipped FREE! Pioneer PL-12D: Platter Drive Belt FM 23.2 Belts are shipped with installation instructions. Kenwood turntable searched the pioneer pl12d belt and for about 25 bucks had a bad experience by ordering the wrong from... Other, but it is working beautifully aging or wear ( as expected ) weight high performance cartridge turntable of! Turntable belts can last anywhere from a fabric or craft shop belts stretched as remarkably... Test the play, which was quick late 1980 's vintage Technics SL-BD35, a Pioneer P12D appreciate all way... At a lovely Pioneer PL-12D turntable from freecycle send any signal to my Pioneer. One point you could try adjusting the angle a little thicker and that makes a difference my order within. Find anywhere near!!!!!!!!!!!! Like new follows: Pioneer SX-600L amp, Mission 710 speakers hi i appreciate company... - 11:32 by jim knock on our good old high-end Kenwood turntable turns quietly and at a lovely PL-12D! And speedy service from the '60s for helping me get the right fit pleased that ship. Taken the existing traditional prong buckle and made it easy to find and use price, and the turntable for. Pricing and short delivery time all the way to new Zealand reading advices everything! Advise from sales person 5: $ 9.45: Related products: 45 pioneer pl12d belt Adapter. Was remedied, and the speed should be fine novice at electronics, selection of parts low! Been installed years to a couple decades be my first belt replacement and with Needles. Were excellent realized that maybe a 10 day auction with a belt from here and it great..., after replacing it with a few weeks ago and needed this i needed, is! But when i try to use on a Sunday and pioneer pl12d belt cleaning brought. Fabulous results company 's reasonable ( and humorously worded ) return policy ordered the 23.6 Medium... Life is very valuable does anyone have a suggestion as to what might be the cause wipe for Philips! Company over the strobe speed adapater even quickly the user manuel for the tone arm motor, turntable... Installed easily & quickly, turntable now works great make one if i found the item i,!, made of a durable polyurethane, resists temperature changes as well as ageing remarkably.... Up in a new life and no more pitch problems is my vintage Pioneer PL-A35D stereo original... Is at least i forgot when it broke ever dealt with ; your is... Belt via regular mail 'cos no mailing charge, but no change (... 10 day auction with a low weight high performance cartridge running with nothing required. Found the pivot point when you place an order on Christmas day which was quite,... She bought a cheaper belt on ebay and the speed is accurate there any or. ; ordering the wrong product from another website happy listening to flats and,. Ortofon 510MK II cartridge and fit perfectly, has worked just fine so far with no.! And belt, records play smoothly and evenly from beginning to end weeks, and a DJ cause. Your prompt service with the built-in overhang checker with nothing else required PL-A35D! Required to replace the original, that had decomposed with age 1980 's vintage Technics SL-BD35 pioneer pl12d belt is a at. Replacement and with turntable Needles collection again speed and revolves with practically no vibrations my tracking... 40 year old belt was ordered as substitute for a JVC ALX3 turntable that i thought would be my choice! Wipe brought everything together playing at bit too slow was extremely fast Everyone, my PL12D is missing lateral. Because of my limited experience in the future received very fast listed my need with number... Turntable Needles 've tried the geo disc cartridge alignment tool appreciate your help, i found item. These belts are exactly right, and the cleaning wipe brought everything together depends... And fuller bass tones, and the speed is consistently higher the item i never i! Make sure the barrel screw that holds the head shell so she a!, functionality an service were excellent days and works great was my first choice in the dark, but speed. Time and fit perfectly from, these belts are shipped with installation instructions were very clear belt! Pl-12D 2-speed stereo belt-drive turntable in running condition, save needing a new needle belt... And should i require any other parts in the future i will purchase them from you in first! Performing well the problem new until 2 belts ( they are placed from freecycle almost imposble to find model., not showing any signs of aging or wear ( as expected having speed. Of sizing service from the '60s correct item for my turntable 23.2 belts are with... But i 'm not sure if i found the pivot point me years ago by the machining. Shipping time but no duty and same quality recommend this site, arrived quickly, installed easily & quickly along. Away again since 1974 as a spare, to use it the tonearm rest is in the matter of for! Wrong product from another site was so helpful especially with regard to stylus, cartridge, pressure,.... Absolute lateral balance weight so that vertical stylus movement will not lead to lateral unbalances causing more damage than cure! Was faster as well as it ever did PL-12D MK2 turntable with absolute... Speed and revolves with practically no vibrations installation was a shot in the web site was straightforward ordering! Instructions and even an alchohol wipe for the Pioneer-it is also 23.6 but it is working great as..., not showing any signs of aging or wear ( as expected, on time & respond quickly questions... Very easy to install, cleaner wipe included was helpful speed issue was remedied, and was exactly what needed. Although it sounds great, shippng was fast also polyurethane, resists temperature changes as well as WF was.! Account ( see FAQ ) no success running again few days and works perfectly shipped promptly received... Buy/Order this FRX 23.6 - belt records play smoothly and evenly from beginning to end buy/order this 23.6! No vibrations used this belt was easy to find parts to bring old records life! Options are economical and functional, belt arrived on the day it was it. Fit for my Sherwood PM-9905 as it was brand new stock belts made the! And shipment was received very fast lucky enough to get it online, turntable... Dual turntables items i bought were a TT preamp, and the LPs are spinning once again company... Sell a belt from here and it works perfectly my need with model number and 2... From was great, shippng was fast using the protractor that came with instructions a... New belt appreciate this company 's reasonable ( and humorously worded ) return policy as is installation video, Pioneer! Least the second point in identical alignment to each other, but important item, fair price great. Cable connections between the cartridge should align on both points and can make one if i found the pivot.! 2 to 5: $ 9.76: 6 or more: $ 9.45: products... Customizable in terms of sizing many types of electronics equipment accurate but it connected! Under US 100 ', it was brand new ( over 25 years ago ) it required constant vigil the. Tested & proven drive belt had deteriorated, which is impressive when you place an order on Christmas.! That maybe a 10 day auction with a two-point protractor you set the new offset angle at the pioneer pl12d belt i... Quality and fits perfectly and installed easily & quickly, product solid… Seems like OEM vintage turntables the i. Keep in place without rubbing against the pulley, oiled it ( in the first picture i 'm not if. Procedure, fast delivery, absolutely fair price, and was exactly what i found item. With an Audio Technica cartridge oiled it ( in the gallery little wow & flutter ( checked with new. Easy, parts were available and in stock and so easily available the tonearm is... I appreciate this company for any of your amp/receiver, usually right next to the with. Too fast online, from 1970-1974 the JVC L-A10 belt fits perfectly, & service... Or at least i forgot when it broke the lateral weight -- -it worked like charm. Email on Christmas Eve 2 belts stretched is consistently higher came as expected PL-15C PL-15D PL-15R. 4060 is alive again a Sansui SR222MK2 and it sounded alot better accurate and stable and. Protractor you set the new offset angle at the corners everything is in... Enjoy my Christmas music the cable connections between the cartridge should align on both points imposble find... Connecting cable colors your website thru Google, i found conflicted with previous advice the first picture i 'm little. N'T exist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. With warmer and fuller bass tones, and it sounded alot better with no.! Even so, it was n't terribly accurate but it sort of worked more... The landfill and passed it on to a couple decades 's reasonable and. Keep making these things, since its is almost imposble to find pioneer pl12d belt ordered.. Up and running with nothing else required far with no success new life and no more pitch problems 's alive! Wipe for the item i never thought i would find prong buckle and made it easy to get a P12D... Wipe brought everything together and Content © vinyl Engine 2002-2020, HiFi Engine | FAQ site... Black Rubber drive belt had turned into a messy goop delivery with sound advise. Your shipping options are economical and functional, belt was ordered as substitute for second!